Our online Career Evaluations

CareerEQ believes that when people know their ‘Why’ and are able to make a contribution through their work they are more fulfilled and happy in their lives. We, as a provider of online career resources, exist to help this be a reality for everyone.

To achieve this, we provide career professionals access to affordable online assessments that are comprehensive, well-researched, and easily synthesised during a career conversation into career decisions and development objectives for their participants.

Each of our assessments offers a holistic, self-reflective process to draw out what matters to a person and where their true motivation lies. They also help the individual user to evaluate their interests and skills so that the career professional can easily understand where their development could be best focused.

The three online career resources we offer are:

CareerIntelligence for working adults is used by private practitioners and employers to provide background data to a comprehensive career conversation. They can then determine what is required to retain the individual, ‘best fit’ roles to transition to, or identify  areas for training and development.

Read more about the CareerIntelligence assessment here. 

Check out sample reports here.

CareerSmart for students is designed for Years 12 to 2nd Year University to stimulate self-reflection and build self-awareness. An individual’s assessment report provides Career Educators or counsellors extensive data on how the student views themself, their potential and their career orientations.

Read more about the CareerSmart assessment here. 

Check out sample reports here.

CareerEQ for the planet  is deliberately designed to lead students to think, not only for themselves, but also of the health and wellbeing of all people, the environment and the socio-political needs of the world. Although this may sound ambitious, the ideas and questions are easily understood and the presentation and process promotes positive realism, agency and hope. It is therefore ideal for practitioners who want to encourage future thinking in their students.

This assessment will be available soon. If you would like more information please email: kaye.avery@careereq.nz

As a licensed CareerEQ assessment coach you will have:

  1. access to your own coach portal on the assessment platform that protects the privacy of the coach and that of your clients, students, or employees
  2. ability to send out assessments from your own portal; to upload assessment ‘credits’ and to edit assessments when an individual wishes a review of their own work
  3. a PDF report that accurately “mirrors” how your client, student, or employee sees themself – so that you as their coach or careers educator can quickly spot their development needs and career potential, motivation and self-confidence
  4. a cost and time-effective process for both you and the individual you’re working with
  5. career assessments that are well-researched, have the ‘best of the best’ inventories and exercises and are iterative in nature
  6. training to become licensed and opportunities to upskill; a ‘Forever’ license (conditions apply) and prompt support from the platform administrators whenever required.
  7. Many licensed practitioners now in our practitioner community. Feedback from the training.

Costs involved in being a Licensed CareerEQ Assessments Practitioner.