Our online Career Assessments

CareerEQ believes a fulfilled and engaged person at work is able to make a real contribution, and we, as a provider of career resources, exist to help that be a reality for everyone. To achieve this, we provide career practitioners access to affordable online assessments that are comprehensive, well-researched, and easily synthesised into career development objectives for their clients.

The Career Intelligence and CareerSmart assessments are tailored to improve outcomes for your clients, employees, and students. These are self-assessments that draw out from the individual taking the assessment, a comprehensive and holistic review of how they see themselves and their career. This data is then worked with by their career coach or educator to synthesise clarity of career direction, professional development, and ‘ideal role’ scenarios.

Our online career resources have been developed for professionals working in the fields of career coaching, career and professional development in organisations, career education for students, and working with those transitioning to work after university. We have two assessments; one for working-aged adults – our Career Intelligence assessment which is relevant for all levels of work responsibility, and the second, our CareerSmart assessment which is for students who transition to work after university.

The Career Intelligence assessment for working adults

Offers career professionals, a comprehensive online assessment for career development coaching and training with clients or employees. Essentially, it is a self-evaluation assessment designed to help the individuals we work with connect with what matters to them and to evaluate how they see their work skills and interests. CI is an ideal resource for identifying career choice, ‘job fit’, professional development, and for creating career planning objectives. The assessment has high face validity and provides excellent self-reflection data to work with. Sample Career Intelligence Report.

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The CareerSmart assessment for students Years 11 – 13 and University

Offers Career educators an online resource for college students Years 11 – 13 and University students at all levels, an effective self-evaluation to clarify study, learning, and development needs. It provides a holistic exploration for the student that integrates values, culture, and whanau background, with career motivators and interests. The assessment is designed to help students imagine a world they would want to work in, encouraging agency and contribution. University 2nd Yr student sample report. College student – Yr 11 report.

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Full training is provided when you register to be a Licensed Career Intelligence or CareerSmart practitioner or educator.

As a licensed CareerEQ assessment coach you will have:

  1. access to your own coach portal on the assessment platform that protects the privacy of the coach and that of your clients, students, or employees
  2. a PDF report that accurately “mirrors” how your client, student, or employee sees themself – so that you as their coach or careers educator can quickly spot their development needs and career potential
  3. measurable data that allows you as a coach to unpack levels of motivation and self-confidence
  4. a self-and-career-review that is holistic and provides clear evidence to support and enable clear action steps for clients and students
  5. a cost and time-effective process for both you and the individual you’re working with
  6. six comprehensive inventories in one report taking users around 60 mins (approx.) to complete
  7. a well-structured report that enhances the coaching conversation to help the facilitation of meaningful career development objectives.

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