performance review

Often someone will call me to arrange an appointment to discuss their upcoming performance review. I celebrate the proactivity that this represents. The person concerned either wants to get the most out of their performance review or prepare themselves for a negative experience. Regardless of whether they are worried about it or looking forward to it, preparing well and handling it without crumbling is the key.

The ideal scenario is that both the employing manager and the employee go into the conversation with an open mind to where it will lead, knowing that a win-win is the best result. The old idea that it is all about company performance is no longer relevant although many managers still review their employees that way. The newer and better approach is that; when the employee is experiencing job satisfaction; is engaged and supported, then they will perform better in the business.

Taking charge of your career is all about being conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, your aspirations and values and taking responsibility for your own performance and development. Therefore prior to a performance review it’s a good idea to do a self and career evaluation and then being clear about what you want and what you will do for the sake of the business.

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