Professional development for Individuals:

professional development intelligent careersMost people are reasonably satisfied with their chosen career path however may struggle to manage workplace conditions, team or interpersonal dynamics and the productivity pressures that impact on their effectiveness and wellbeing. Often people simply want ‘a plan’.

Professional development coaching encourages greater levels of self-understanding and as a result people become clearer about their potential ‘best’ and how to work towards improved career congruence and reputation. With a neutral and effective coach, strategies are developed and objectives set.

Professional development coaching and supervision offer space for the individual to expand their career horizon and deepen their connection to themselves and their work. Supportive ‘sponsorship’ from the coach enables growth and improved self-efficacy.

Professional Supervision and Development Coaching

Career Development Coaching

Career Development Coaching for managers, professionals and senior employees with a lot of responsibility provides them the neutral space to reflect on career issues, how they are managing and to evaluate development opportunities. With skillful coaching from a trusted professional coach a real difference for individuals and their work can be made. 4 – 8 sessions are recommended.

Development coaching offers:-

  • A neutral guide and support that validates and affirms
  • An opportunity to review career or role alignment in confidence
  • Improved connection to what matters in the individual’s life and work
  • A holistic approach to working through the day to day issues and support to lessen the burden
  • Regular sessions provide a valuable on-going evolution of perspective
  • A  Career Development Planning summary report offering a record of the process, assessment results, and career development objectives.

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision for people who do ‘people work’ is essential and often a requirement for membership of any ethics-based professional body concerned with the health and well-being of the public or employees.
Supervision offers practitioners:-

  • The provision of reflective space
  • Increased effectiveness of practice
  • Feeling supported in the work
  • Increased capacity to deal with difficult situations
  • Assistance in processing feelings about clients, employees or situations

As providers of professional supervision CareerEQ consultants work on the assumption that our client knows their situation best and therefore drives their own process and learning at the pace that suits them. Our role is to ask the deeper questions in order to open new ways of seeing themselves within the current context. We love the idea of transformational learning which is not just about ‘what’ we know but ‘how’ we know it. Transformational learning is dependent on our ongoing commitment to integrating what we are learning.

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