CareerSmart; a comprehensive and holistic career inquiry to help students imagine the future they want.

CareerSmart offers careers advisers and practitioners a framework for career conversations. It is an online tool designed specifically for college students, years 12, 13 and University students. Its engaging self-evaluation format helps build self-awareness and clarifies career direction, learning, and development needs for their transition into the workforce. The assessment integrates  life aspirations through a self inquiry about values, an evaluation of career motivators, career interests, and career development skills in a way that is relatable.

CareerSmart is designed to help students imagine a world they would want to work in, encouraging agency and a sense that they can make a positive contribution to that world – within the context of what they know.

The CareerSmart proposition

CareerSmart can be used in classroom settings effectively as well as when providing one on one career guidance. It is ideal for students Years 12 and 13 and in university who have had some work experience and are able to reflect and articulate what matters to them.

Students can complete the assessment prior to a session with their careers adviser, simplifying the exploration phase of career decision-making.

To be a licensed administrator of CareerSmart you will have your own confidential assessment portal where you can send out, edit and manage student assessments.

Like all other career questionnaires, CareerSmart is not a stand-alone assessment, rather the conceptual framework of CS is designed to stimulate a career conversation with a coach or adviser, improve self-awareness and confidence.

Being a licensed CareerSmart Administrator you will have:

An online career assessment that is used one-on-one with students or in a classroom setting.  A comprehensive assessment that takes students and young clients through a process where they can evaluate their values, interests, skills, and career aspirations in a safe way that encourages self-awareness and agency. You will enjoy:

  1. autonomous access to your own assessment portal on our assessment platform
  2. an online career assessment that is well-researched and offers a holistic approach to career or study decision-making for young people
  3. a career assessment that incorporates six comprehensive inventories taking students between 40 and 60 mins (approx.) to complete
  4. an assessment report that is ideal for one on one, classroom, or remote career learning when necessary
  5. a PDF report that
    1. is self-evaluated data providing evidence to support and enable clear action steps
    2. is a visually well-structured and colourful report that a student would want to refer back to
    3. a report that accurately “mirrors” how your student sees themself
  6. a cost and time-effective process for private practitioners, schools, and universities.

Check out sample student reports here.

Full training is provided when you register to be a Licensed Career Intelligence or CareerSmart practitioner or educator.

Becoming a CareerSmart Licensed Practitioner

CareerEQ wants all career specialists who use the assessment to understand the integrity and theory behind the content of our career development tools and to be trained in the correct and ethical use of them. Although every practitioner has their own way of working, we endorse professional standards of practice in order to protect the clients you work with and the integrity of the assessments.

career-SMART licensed practitioner

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The CareerSmart assessment journey is an adventure worth taking – do join us!

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