Everyone, at some time in their career, experiences the negative impacts of organisational change, being unhappy at work or not being clear about what to do next.

Now that the world has entered a time of unprecedented technological, social, environmental and economic change these experiences are common.

How are you managing? Where could your career development take you? What decisions do you need to make about your career or work situation?

CareerEQ career specialists know about careers and career management. We guide individuals and the employees of our client organisations to:

  • make holistic, validated career decisions
  • be more aligned and successful at work – and in life
  • successfully navigate the job market.

CareerEQ people are inspired to make a real difference for YOU, and all the people we work with.

Kaye Avery, Principal Consultant, CareerEQ – Career Management Specialists

We work with

  • Individuals facing significant career and life transitions

  • People in any context wanting to transform limiting beliefs and situations, and to build self confidence

  • People using redundancy to re-configure their career journey, get guidance on accessing the roles they want and have targeted interview coaching.

  • Employees wanting to improve workplace effectiveness and access to career opportunities

  • Organisations during restructuring and when managing change

  • Teams needing to build resilience and improve dynamics

Our Mission: We are dedicated to developing people and committed to growing a more conscious and sustainable world.

Conscious career management happens when personal and career development come together.

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