About CareerEQ:

CareerEQ is a New Zealand-owned business that specialises in career development through two areas of practice:

  1. our career coaches offer quality career coaching, people development, and redundancy support
  2. we develop online career resources for other career specialists throughout Australasia

In both areas, our efforts are dedicated to providing quality career development resourcing with well-qualified and experienced career practitioners and online tools and resources that add real value to the career coaching experience.

CareerEQ is inspired to make a real difference for YOU and all the people we work with.

Career planning in today’s world:

Today, the world of work requires significant competence to navigate the enormous challenges without losing connection with who we are, what we have to offer, and how we will get there. When careers stall, or work is no longer meaningful, a reset is needed. Self-awareness and a commitment to personal and professional development are key. This is what we call Career Intelligence.

CareerEQ offers a robust coaching methodology for career and professional development and self-insight. We use our CI assessment to help people to unpack what they may have lost touch with so they can find greater job satisfaction and meaning in their work. We support people this way through organisational change and restructuring to ensure they remain grounded and clear about what they want for their future. With regained confidence and focus, individuals can then successfully find new, and better-aligned work.

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CareerEQ works with

  • Individuals facing significant career decisions – at all ages and levels of occupational competence

  • People in any context wanting to transform limiting beliefs and situations, and to build self confidence

  • People using redundancy to re-configure their career, effectively manage their job search and have interview coaching.

  • Employers wanting support for employees affected by redundancy or career development coaching

  • Employees wanting to improve workplace effectiveness or access to career opportunities within their employing organisation

  • Teams needing to build resilience and improve dynamics

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408, 2020

Nicola Shepheard interviews Kaye Avery

August 4th, 2020|2 Comments

The three main areas of CareerEQ are career development for individuals, redundancy support (generally paid for by the companies) and professional development, which includes referrals from HR of employees who may be disaffected or underperforming, for whatever reason. The company works with private clients (self-funded individuals) and employers.

CareerEQ News:

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CareerEQ offers HR coaches and Career Professionals training in the Career Intelligence online assessment.https://careereq.nz/career-intelligence-assessment/

CareerEQ Founder Kaye Avery is interviewed by NBR Journalist, Nicola Shepheard

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