When to engage an external and neutral career coach for employees

When employees are at a crossroads in their career, or the situation around them at work has changed, disengagement can happen. Referring them to us is putting them in good hands as we will support a career exploration to identify development needs and give them the tools and a career or development strategy that will help them to move forward in such a way that it’s a win-win for everyone.

Our Career Coaching programmes work for employees who:

  1. Have the potential and yet are not clear about where their development is.
  2. Are struggling with their current role for reasons such as work overload, isn’t coping to meet the skills required or the role does not fulfil or interest them causing a lack of engagement and drop in enthusiasm for the work.
  3. Are applying for or have been unsuccessful applying for an internal role or when concluding a particular project and the ‘next role’ or career pathway is unclear.
  4. Are in conversation with HR about their performance and/or their attitudes and behaviours are disruptive to work effectiveness and workplace safety.
  5. Career coaching not only provides employees with neutral and well-informed expertise, but it also supports employees to develop self-awareness and encourages greater self-efficacy enabling them to have the appropriate career conversations at work.
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Career Intelligence training for internal coaches

Our Career Intelligence online assessment is ideal for internal career development coaching. It is used by HR or coaching professionals for redeployment situations, as part of a career review process, and to establish role and team alignment. Naturally to have internal HR or Organisational Development or Talent Managers use the assessment for any of these purposes they need to use it appropriately so that confidentiality is assured for the employee.

Our training licenses the internal practitioner to administer Career Intelligence. Find out more about this here.

Having access to the online Career Intelligence assessment offers:

  1. A fully researched and tested career assessment and report
  2. A private portal for the practitioner on the Career Intelligence platform to send, store and manage assessments
  3. Full training on the ethical use of the assessment, the research that sits behind it, and guidance on coaching processes and modalities.
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Career coaching for employees

As an employer, you will know that workforce development is critical to retain and develop your employees, however, change invariably impacts roles and team experience.

Your employees are likely to be reasonably satisfied with their chosen career path however may struggle to manage workplace conditions, team or interpersonal dynamics, and the productivity pressures that impact their effectiveness and wellbeing. Role ‘fit’ and values alignment is key.

Career coaching encourages greater levels of self-understanding and as a result, people become clearer about their potential ‘best’ and how to work towards improved career congruence and reputation. With a neutral and effective career coach, strategies are developed and objectives set.

Individual career coaching offers your employees the opportunity to expand their career horizons and deepen their connection to themselves and their work. Often people simply want ‘a plan’. Supportive ‘sponsorship’ from the coach enables growth and improved self-efficacy.

Employee development coaching offers:

  1. A neutral career coach who will support, validate and affirm
  2. An opportunity for an employee to review career or role alignment in confidence
  3. Access to our online career self-assessment to evaluate current role alignment
  4. Improved connection to what matters to the employee in life and at work
  5. A Career Intelligence report that measures employee job satisfaction
  6. A career development plan with professional development objectives.


Thank you, I loved your session and would have loved to have you here for longer (Sarah)

A very interesting presentation. Great to see the different personalities in the group – the group task was more interesting than I thought.

Great to do group activities. Would have liked to have talked more about specific situations at work that we might come up against and how different Types can contribute to that. It will definitely allow us to continue working on our team.

Sarah, College of Chiropractic Medicine

Great, I initially was only going to attend one session but my consultant identified many aspects of my transition from my role that I had not thought about. I also did not realise that my current frame of mind was still in denial rather than accepting and being excited with the prospects beyond here.

John (Regional Manager)

The follow up sessions [with each Manager] went really well, I certainly noticed a different mindset in all of them and they seemed genuinely energized about the possibilities in front of them.

This is great and exactly what we were hoping for as timing-wise it fits in perfectly with our plans for the second half of the year where we get them to learn about the different roles in head office.

They thought the Career Intelligence assessment was particularly good and the results in the report really resonated with them and gave them clarity, so it looks like the digital version you have created is on the money!

McDonalds Manager, McDonalds