Career Planet – for college-aged students

Commended by the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA):

CareerPlanet brings an inclusive perspective to career planning by emphasizing that individuals possess diverse identities, cultures, and perspectives. By acknowledging our interdependence with a larger universe, students can realise their responsibilities towards one another and the planet.

career planet treeCareerEQ understands that many people, particularly young people, are now uncertain about their prospects for a successful future. Our accustomed ways of thinking about our place in the world are being challenged by the lifestyles we have grown accustomed to. The advent of artificial intelligence and climate change will bring about a significant change in the world of work, rendering many jobs and career paths obsolete, while at the same time creating many new opportunities that we are yet to discover.

In order to successfully navigate the challenges of the changing world of work, it will be important for us to have resilience, self-awareness, and confidence to make meaningful transitions in our careers. When we have a clear understanding of our ‘Why’, we can more easily identify the ‘What’ we want to pursue and then determine the ‘How’ to get there. This will help us make informed decisions about our careers and find fulfilment in our working lives.

CareerPlanet’s career inquiry process, is a response to our uncertain future. It is designed to empower individuals to explore their motivations and discover what they want to be involved with to make a difference. This is a tool designed to map individuals’ unique skills and interests, helping them gain clarity on where they can best contribute that is right for them.

At a glance, CareerPlanet is:

  • for careers advisers wanting a more inclusive, holistic career inquiry tool
  • for most college-aged students (ideally 15 yrs and upward)
  • a tool to prepare students for a meaningful career conversation
  • designed to be completed in approx. 30 minutes
  • focused on reframing concepts of career success – simply
  •  utilises clear, inclusive language that emphasizes community and ecosystem considerations
  • encourages participants to consider the issues they want to engage with in the future.
  • CareerPlanet has been designed to give agency and hope in a hyper changeable world.

Check out Sample CareerPlanet reports here.

CareerPlanet maps an individuals characteristics and interests

“Use this page to write your top three career preferences onto the branches for each section”

CP mind map - corrected

The above Mind map is a full-page visual in a CareerPlanet report illustrating how an individual’s results from CareerPlanet can be mapped out to show their unique set of qualities. This then stimulates a simple summary, clarifying study and career choices to pursue towards a future aligned with their aspirations.

CareerEQ wants all career specialists who use the assessment to understand the integrity and theory behind the content of the instrument and to be trained in the correct and ethical use of it. This is shared once a practitioner is registered to be licensed.