Career Review and Reset for Senior Managers

Working with an experienced Career Coach who is qualified in Career Development and experienced working with senior managers will help you to reset your goals and gain the perspective you need to create the change you want. Often the need to do this comes when burnout happens, or that you have plateaued, or even when issues with other leaders or the board you report to emerge. Sometimes it is just so that you can get clear on the next step.

Our consultants will help you to evaluate, re-align, and navigate your work situation to achieve greater levels of congruence and executive contentment. Re-assessing goals and aspirations are required after organisational change or when something calls you to make your own personal change, whether it’s about leadership development, managing stress loads or simply finding the life balance you yearn for.

Career Coaching sessions are tailored to suit each individual. Working with your coach you will determine the outcomes you want from the process. 4–6 one-hour sessions are normally required. Sessions are structured to form a well-rounded and outcome-orientated process.

Career coaching sessions could include the following:

  1. An initial session to explore your career story, personal insights, issues, and themes to establish the next steps.
  2. A career and self-evaluation using our online Career Intelligence assessment or personality profiling to unpack what is important to you and where your development could be.
  3. Synthesising learning and insights and clarifying goals and action steps.
  4. Follow-up coaching to review progress and provide support and mentoring.

To arrange your Coaching Session

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Career Development Coaching for Executives and Senior Managers

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Coaching Feedback

“My work with you has been invaluable and I am forever grateful. Most of all I have realised that 1) I am living the dream, 2) to keep me living the dream I must have a better work-life balance, and 3) I am willing to fight harder to keep the dream. And there is nothing wrong with toning down my energy (especially around particular people but I don’t have to necessarily do it for everyone). This has meant that I am not letting staff issues take me over as much – I am able to now look at them in perspective that the issues are insignificant when compared to the opportunities in my role. I have had the perspective the wrong way round and you have helped me to focus on the positives of the role, which makes the negatives seem so much smaller. We even had the best Board meeting this week!

So I am not willing (yet!!) to give up and I have you to thank for that. A big part of my career will always be to see staff develop and get their own wins – but I can be a different person during this process.”

CEO Govt funded organisation.