Our Career Specialists know how to help you make a good career or study decisions:

Working with a qualified career specialist or adviser, regardless of where you are on your learning journey, can help you make informed decisions about your career and education. At times, it can be difficult to determine what truly matters and motivates you, which is why we value the importance of seeking professional guidance. Our career coaches utilise our online career tools, CareerSmart and CareerPlanet, in all of our coaching programmes to provide you with the best possible support.

Normally our students have 1.5 – 3 hours of coaching to come to a good decision. This of course will depend on what level of study and experience you have had. If you are entering the workforce for the first time you may want another session or two to make a successful transition. An initial conversation with your coach will establish that.

Career Decision-Making for College Students Yrs 11 – 13

Critical decisions regarding our future are difficult and very often, stressful. A 2.5 -hour session with a career specialist to help you to make well-thought-through study choices or career decision options will give you the confidence to imagine a satisfying working future and take the next step on your learning journey. The session will include:-

  • Taking one of our online career assessments to identify what motivates you, your interests, and values which will help you make good career choices
  • Researching career options and courses, setting career goals, planning the steps and learning needed.

What next after University or College?

This programme offers students and graduates intensive support to make informed career decisions or take the step after university into paid work. 3-hours with your Career Specialist can include the following depending on the career step you are taking:-

  • Clarification of your interests and aspirations
  • Some assessments to establish your unique characteristics and what you offer an employer
  • Steps to research options or explore job alignment
  • CV work for graduates and support with cover letters
  • Objectives and goal setting.
Arrange your Coaching Session

Arrange your Coaching Session

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Coaching Feedback

It has been a real pleasure attending the sessions with you. The sessions were very insightful and you’ve been amazing. Thank you for helping validate the decisions I have made re next steps forward for my career.

Thanks for your expert guidance and patience working with me to develop a plan for the next stage of my life.
I now feel that I have more clarity with my goals and a realistic programme to achieve those goals.
Your achievements with me are an inspiration.

Why CareerEQ Career Specialists are good at what they do

Organisations and individuals who seek out career coaching services come to us with a very different set of challenges than they did 5 years ago. People are now dealing with enormous amounts of complexity.

A well qualified and experienced career coach (such as our CareerEQ coaches) should work with individuals in an empowering way to enable greater levels of self-awareness and career confidence needed for coping and responding to the challenges people face now. CareerEQ coaches have following qualities:-

  • an ‘authentic’ approach and will tell you whether their process and experience can help you/your employee to meet your objectives

  • show a strong understanding of the world of work experience yet have a ‘holistic’ or ‘whole-person’ approach

  • facilitation skills to stimulate your ‘storytelling’ with reflective listening to pick up on themes and context dynamics from those stories

  • experience and knowledge that will open up worlds of possibility for you – appropriate to your field

  • have an ability to ‘facilitate’ or ‘enable’ your understanding rather than ‘telling’ or ‘advising’ too much

Best of all, we love it that people who have used our services recommend us to their friends. Clearly they have valued the work we have done with them. Trusted guidance, good technical abilities ( including understanding the job market) and intelligent communication are qualities that have served us well.