Career Intelligence; a comprehensive career assessment for working adults

CareerIntelligence is an online assessment for career development coaching with clients or employees. It offers practitioners and HR coaches a self-and-career evaluation designed to help the individuals you work with connect with what motivates them and to evaluate how they see their work skills and interests. CI is an ideal resource for identifying career choice, ‘job fit’, redeployment potential, professional development, and career planning.

The CI assessment offers you as a licensed coach:

  1. autonomous access to your own private online assessment portal with two assessments to choose from
  2. ability to upload your organisation or practice logo on every report
  3. a PDF report  that accurately “mirrors” how your client or employee sees themself – so that you as their coach, can quickly spot their development needs and career potential
  4. a cost and time-effective process for both you and the individual you’re working with
  5. an effective tool that enhances the coaching conversation and facilitates meaningful career development objectives.

The Career Intelligence process offers an inside-out approach to career development, bringing connection to these three facets:

  • Purpose: to give your employee or client career direction and a reason-for-being
  • Focus: to help your employee or client align and engage with what interests them at work
  • Learning: to bring intention to your employee or client’s career development

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The Career Intelligence assessment is an online self-assessment designed to support career specialists and internal HR coaches to provide effective employee or client career conversations. With quality coaching, the assessment helps individuals to identify workplace or role alignment, professional development, and career planning objectives.  The assessment is ideally suited to people who are already working and who are motivated to develop themselves and their careers. It can be used with clients or employees who :

  • make well-informed job or career transitions when facing redundancy or redeployment – or when needing to create a role or job change
  • have career or professional development coaching and planning
  • explore aspects of themselves that are holding them back in their careers
  • gain clarity about the ‘right fit’ role when planning the next step in their organisation or career.

By working through the CareerIntelligence assessment, employees and clients can evaluate themselves and their career aspirations in a safe way that encourages self-awareness and agency. It offers a user-friendly and engaging process with easy navigation of the five sections including two values evaluations, one career motivators assessment, two career interests inventories, and a competency evaluation. It takes approximately one hour to complete, and the assessment user can leave the process after saving their work and return to complete the assessment at their convenience if needed.

Becoming a CareerIntelligence Licensed Coach/Administrator

CareerEQ wants all career specialists who use the assessment to understand the integrity and theory behind the content of the instrument and to be trained in the correct and ethical use of it.

Training dates for 2022