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Your Career – Individual Coaching, Support and Guidance

CareerEQ consultants will help you to evaluate, re-align and navigate your work situation to achieve greater levels of congruence and career success. Working with your consultant you will evaluate your employment situation, explore skills, personality traits and aptitudes, values, interests and aspirations to clarify your career direction, goals and objectives. Coaching helps to increase self-awareness, navigate workplace dynamics and negotiate change. It can make a real difference to your work transition and job satisfaction.

Coaching sessions are tailored to suit each individual so you can determine the outcomes you want from the process. 3–6 sessions are normally required. Sessions are structured to form a well–rounded and outcome orientated process.

Individual Career Coaching and Guidance

Career coaching sessions could include all or just some of the following:

  1. An initial session to explore your career history, personal insights, issues and themes to establish a programme to suit.
  2. An exploration of career motivators and interests, personal values and achievements to establish strengths and ‘best-fit’ scenarios.
  3. Personality profiling – on-line assessments are invaluable for getting clear about preferences and traits which help understand personality development and career potential. We use the MBTI for this. Find out more.
  4. Clarify “best fit” work scenario and establishing holistic development goals.
  5. Reviewing marketing collateral – CV, Linked In and personal/ professional brand if required.
  6. Synthesising learning and insights and clarifying goals and steps.

3–6 sessions are normally required. Sessions are structured to form a well–rounded and outcome orientated process.

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Cost to individuals: $165

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Career Cohesion for Couples

This short programme offers couples managing the challenges of family and work  an opportunity to check for shared values, individual career/job alignment and to discover the gifts of how your personalities can work well together. You will need to commit to 2 x 1.5 hour sessions together with your consultant. The sessions include:-

  • Clarification or establishment of individual and shared values
  • Understanding both personalities with feedback on individual MBTI Q Interpretive reports
  • A brief review of career alignment for each partner
  • Objective setting, both shared and individual, to build greater cohesion and mutual support.

Cost including 2 comprehensive 18 page MBTI reports: $730

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Transition Mentoring

When people move into new roles and increased responsibilities they typically experience a major and sometimes unnerving adjustment. Mentoring support during the first 4-6 months significantly enhances adjustment success. Self-awareness is improved and older habitual adjustment behaviours dispelled. e.g. Overworking, low confidence, relationship conflict.

Having highly confidential, one on one support empowers the participant to adjust gradually, enhance performance and develop productive relationships quickly.

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Coaching Feedback

It has been a real pleasure attending the sessions with you. The sessions were very insightful and you’ve been amazing. Thank you for helping validate the decisions I have made re next steps forward for my career.

Whatever happens, I’m feeling so much more positive and excited about the future, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you so much for your help.
Anna , PhD

I wanted to email you to thank you for your services and although I didn’t end up in the Diversity & Inclusion environment this time, I will be working on this in my new role and made that known to my new employer.

It was a very valuable process and I learnt to champion my wins, skills and experiences in a much more confident way. It allowed me to look inward and self reflect and ultimately set me up for the interview process in which I was able to gain 3 job offers.

Kylie, Operations Manager
Thanks for your expert guidance and patience working with me to develop a plan for the next stage of my life.
I now feel that I have more clarity with my goals and a realistic programme to achieve those goals.
Your achievements with me are an inspiration.

What Makes a Good Career Coach?

Organisations and individuals who use the services of career practitioners and coaches come to us with a very different set of challenges than they did 5 years ago. People are now dealing with enormous amounts of complexity.

Career work now requires greater process skill with clients in order to enable the levels of self-awareness and confidence they need for coping and responding to the challenges they face now. When looking for a career coach or mentor who could do this with you or for your employee look for one with the following qualities:-

  • has an ‘authentic’ approach and will tell you whether their process and experience can help you/your employee to meet your objectives

  • has a strong understanding of the world of work experience yet who has a ‘holistic’ or ‘whole-person’ approach

  • has skills to stimulate storytelling with reflective listening to pick up on themes and context dynamics from those stories

  • whose experience and knowledge opens up worlds of possibility for you – if possible, appropriate to your field

  • has an ability to ‘facilitate’ or ‘enable’ your understanding rather than ‘telling’ or ‘advising’ too much

Best of all get a recommendation from someone who was empowered by the experience to make change. Someone who developed a whole new level of understanding about who they are in the world and what is possible for them in life/career/learning as a result of the process they went through with the coach.