Nirmala Solanki

MA Psych, BA

Registered Psychologist, Coaching specialties: Wellbeing, Career Mobility, Transition Specialist, Executive support, Resilience and Change Management Coach

Nirmala Solanki

Nirmala is an Organisational Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in organisational development and psychological consulting services. She works in the space of career, change coaching, well-being, and resilience as a coach and facilitator to transform mindsets and behaviours to enable people to grow and reach their full potential in order to lead a more authentic, happier, and passionate life.

Serving and coaching many people from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures, and all levels within an organisation including executives and frontline staff, that may be at a T-junction in their life, provides her with the privilege to nurture wellness and harmony in others, to empower and maintain a presence, to eliminate the noise to enable tangible growth and learnings.

What is unique about her? Nirmala understands human potential and behaviour better than most. She understands struggles with identity and belonging through my own lived experience of being a Carer (disability, aging parents), Advocate (for people living with disability,) and a Psychologist and Coach (wellbeing, resilience, growth mindset).

A trusted advisor, career, and well-being coach!

Areas of Capacity Include:

Career Coaching, Outplacement, Job Search  & Redeployment –  How to find your passion and purpose, run an effective job search, make a career shift, and explore your career options and choices.

Wellbeing and Self-care – Understanding Mental Health Hygiene and how to honour it daily.  Stress Management and Mental Wellbeing strategies.

Resilience and Adapting to Thrive – Building comfort with change and uncertainty, understanding the impact of stress and what to do to manage it. Power of the growth mindset and positivity. Understanding the mind-body connection and how to be aware of this.

Mental Agility – How to grow this muscle to become more strategic, decisive, and a continuous learner. Develop your ability to quickly pivot, manage evolving priorities, and make sound decisions.

Personality and Aptitude – Identification and exploration of strengths and vulnerabilities, abilities and drivers and how they come across to others. Identify triggers and blind spots. Personality Profiling and Ability Test Administration, Feedback and Reports.


MA Psych (First Class Honors); BA (Psychology & Management Studies)
Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
Foundation Skills in Counselling; Counselling 2
Accredited Certified in SHL, PsyTech (GeneSys), Saville Consulting Assessment Tools