If you are experiencing some very unique challenges right now, you are not alone! With the likelihood of Covid disrupting life for a while, many people are concerned about job security or questioning whether their current job ‘fits’ anymore. The turmoil Covid has brought us all has caused us to sense a loss of control. We simply no longer know what is around the corner.

The last thing we want is to have what they are calling overseas The Great Resignation happen in Aotearoa. The challenge not to jump ship when things are uncomfortable is a reality – or could be when normal work routines resume.

We know that making a strategic career decision is better than a reactive one – and career coaching helps to work through all considerations. It is ideal for anyone who feels disconnected, disillusioned or simply wants to regain a sense of control over their career.

Zoom career coaching is very effective and easy to fit around odd hours and when we are impacted by lockdowns. You won’t have to leave home in order to have a confidential career conversation with a coach specialist. Also, our Career Intelligence assessment is an excellent online career self-assessment that is ideal for remote coaching. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on your values, skills and motivations to evaluate job alignment and development. The assessment gives us excellent self-evaluation data to work with and makes career planning easier – and clearer.

Our career coaches around Aotearoa are great at what they do. They know their craft well and will look after you with the professionalism we know you would expect.

It would be good to hear how things are for you – let us know how we can help. Contact via our website or call Neela on 0225611311 or Kaye on 021474765 to have a chat.

We’d love to hear from you.

Kaye Avery

Director, CareerEQ

Phone 021 474765

Email: kaye.avery@careereq.nz

Or Neela Hatangadi on Phone: 0225611311

Email: practice.manager@careereq.nz