The CareerEQ approach to coaching, professional development

The CareerEQ approach to career coaching and professional development is to help individuals to transcend the career issues they are dealing with by working on both personal and professional levels of development. Self-discovery happens when a person is willing to look at what they don’t know rather than from opinions, unconscious biases, and filters that limit their career decision-making and growth.

Together, we explore the context of an individual’s career, and the strengths, motivations, and behaviours they have cultured. The Career Intelligence © assessment is used as an evaluation tool that supports the achievement of a good outcome for the individual.  The career specialist will facilitate the insights gained from this into a way forward that will work for them. Our aim is to support the ‘whole person so that a new, more effective story can emerge as a result of the coaching process.

Professional supervision for managers and people who do ‘people work’ is essential and often a requirement for membership of any ethics-based professional body. As a provider of supervision, we work on the assumption that our client or supervisee knows their situation best and therefore drives their own process and learning at the pace that suits them. This approach offers opportunities for integrated personal development as the person’s own understanding is explored through the use of regular support and powerful questioning to expand their thinking and meaning-making.

The benefits of Professional supervision are significant. It offers:-

  1. The provision of reflective space
  2. Increased effectiveness of practice
  3. Feeling supported in the work
  4. Increased capacity to deal with difficult situations
  5. Assistance in processing feelings about clients or situations

CareerEQ specialists are committed to our own learning and development, constantly reflecting on our theories of practice in order to maintain the high standard of support expected by our clients. We believe that this is critical to providing the consistent quality career counselling, professional supervision, and coaching we are known for. We believe that it is not only a privilege to work with people in an open, respectful and trusting way but also an opportunity to be fully present to our shared inspiration and learning.

Kaye Avery
Fellow Member CDANZ, HRINZ

Director CareerEQ