Your Investment to be a Licensed Administrator of CareerEQ Assessments:

The CareerEQ online assessment platform gives career professionals access to two career assessments; CareerSmart for younger clients or students and CareerIntelligence for working adult clients or employees.

Full training is required to administer our assessments. Once you have done the training you will have access to your own private career practitioner/educator portal where you can send out assessments to your clients, access assessment credits, upload your logo, and receive and store client reports.

Being a Licensed CareerEQ assessment Administrator gives you:

  1. autonomous access to your own coach portal on the assessment platform that protects your privacy and your clients, students, or employees
  2. an online assessment and report that can be incorporated into every coaching process to improve coaching outcomes
  3. a cost-effective career assessment incorporating six comprehensive inventories and exercises in one assessment taking users between 40 and 70 
mins to complete
  4. a career report
    1. with your own practice, school or organisational logo, promoting and enhancing professionalism for your school, practice, or organisation
    2. that accurately “mirrors” how the individual you are working with sees themselves – giving evidence to support and enable clear career development action steps
    3. a well-structured and visually colourful PDF document that your client, student, or employee will enjoy referring back to.


To be a licensed administrator of CareerEQ assessments you need to attend assessment administration training. The dates and details of  the training are here:

  1. Career Intelligence – $NZ520.00 + GST (Groups from one organisation can arrange a discount)
  2. CareerSmart – $NZ520.00 + GST (Groups from one school can arrange a discount)
  3. Professionals wishing to be licensed to administer both CareerIntelligence and CareerSmart (NZ only) – $NZ780.00 + GST
  4. One-on-one training $600.00 + GST (plus 50% of cost of the second assessment)

Your license to administer CareerEQ assessments includes:

  • Ongoing access to your own private assessment portal
  • Your own free business, practice, or school logo on every assessment
  • Independence to send out, receive, and store assessments
  • Autonomy to add assessment credits as required through your own portal.
  • NOTE: Your license is a ‘forever’ license however there are conditions. Assessment administration Policy for all licensees Oct 22

Master Classes:

Licensed professionals can attend Masterclasses for both CareerIntelligence and CareerSmart which are designed to upskill and add depth to your coaching practice. Prices will be advertised.


CareerEQ assessments have been priced low to attract high usage. The cost per assessment ranges from $12.00 + GST to $30.00 + GST  per assessment depending on the bundle size purchased.  For super cost effectiveness, larger bundles for career training projects can be purchased. NOTE: Australian and international practitioners are GST-exempt.

Assessment bundles Per assessment Total cost
100 $12.00 + GST $1200+GST
50 $13.50 +GST $675 +GST
25 $15.00 + GST $375 + GST
10 $20.00 + GST $200 +GST
Per assessment  $30.00 + GST $30.00

For more information please contact:

CareerEQ Practice Manager, or phone: 0064 220 2200

Director CareerEQ, Kaye Avery; or phone 0064 21 474 765