Assessments to support career and professional development

CareerEQ offers a wide range of career and personal development assessments as part of our service. Some of these are available online and some are provided in workbooks or other materials during coaching sessions. The following online MBTI assessments can be taken prior to setting up an appointment for coaching.


MBTI certified logoThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®) instrument is a highly versatile assessment that has helped millions of people around the world gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others.

 It is extremely useful as it presents a common language to easily communicate the complexities of an individual`s personality. It offers reliable insights for self – understanding in individuals and in the performance of people and teams in organisations.

Product Features

The MBTI® assessment identifies an individual’s preferences for:

MBTI graph

It offers a foundation for effectively engaging participants to understand their own personalities and those of others. There are 16 possible combinations of preferences, or personality types, and each report explores the way a personality works and its development.

Career EQ offers an exciting service to support individuals in their own personality development. You can now access online assessments and book in to have an interactive feedback session with a trained consultant who will work through your report with you.

MBTI® is a useful tool for:

  • Career exploration
  • Leadership and coaching
  • Team development
  • Communication
  • Career and personal development

CareerEQ offer individualised feedback sessions on the following MBTI® reports:

Career Report; Your personality and career choice

Take the M Form Career Assessment to understand your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type; how your Type affects your career choice and career development. This report also suggests job families and occupations best suited to your Type. A one hour personalised feedback session with a qualified MBTI practitioner is included.

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Development Report; An in depth exploration of your personality and its development

Working through your Q Interpretive Report with an accredited MBTI ® Practitioner you will not only understand more about your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type but also how you can apply your results to Communicating, Making Decisions, Managing Change and Managing Conflict. This assessment is excellent for adding a personal development piece to your career exploration.

During the one hour feedback session you will explore how your personality has developed with in depth interpretation, receive your full 18 page report and highlight some key development objectives.

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At Work Report; Your personality Type within an organisational context

Receiving the one hour feedback on your your Personality Type in Organisations assessment report will give you a snapshot of your working style, how your unique preferences enhance your work, your Communication Style and your Problem-Solving approach. It will help explore next steps on your personality at work journey.

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