We all know there are a lot of problems in the world that need fixing, so there will be plenty of opportunities to make things better. People who are open to change with fresh ideas, and who are motivated to contribute, will always be required.

As the world continues to change, businesses and organizations will be looking for people to help to drive innovation and find solutions that benefit both society and the planet.

Work opportunities in the future will be closely tied to the challenges that we face. By focusing on areas such as climate change, population growth, limited resources, and environmental impacts, and applying what you know about yourself and what matters to you, your career choices, learning, and development decisions will be made easier.

Make Values guide your choices and know your ‘Why’

The world of work is changing so quickly, so it’s best not to narrow your choices too soon by choosing a career pathway without thorough examination or accepting a job without checking if it is right for you long term. Since most careers or jobs are already being redefined by technology, thinking about ‘what job or career you could do’ may not be the best place to start. Rather, knowing what matters to you and what you would like to be involved with, is! We determine this by establishing what our values are and being clear about them. This helps us to make good career decisions, and choose to work for an employer or role that is aligned with our ‘Why’. As a result, we will be happier in our work and with the people, we work with. Best of all, work with a good career coach who will give you a process that will help you get clear.

Think about what problems you might like to help solve

With global population growth exceeding infrastructure and resources available there will be more people to house, feed and live healthy lives. This will result in plenty of work for all the social sciences, education, health, psychology, and every career pathway involved in community development and population health and wellbeing – and there are many!

The environment will also need your support to solve its big problems caused by climate change, calling for scientists, engineers, and urban, industrial, and architectural designers plus people to look after the environment in parks, natural and agricultural, and horticultural settings. Already, there is much work to do to build better, more resilient cities, rural areas, reserves, and productive land. Cyclone Gabrielle has just shown us this!

Technology career pathways will cross all industries and the ethical use of technology will become very important. Careers in entrepreneurship, law, and policy will also matter in the future.

Imagine the kind of future you want to live and work

Imagination is powerful and can help us gravitate toward what we want. When we can connect to what is important to us and dream of a future where what matters is a reality – we can make it happen!

Kaye Avery, CareerEQ February 2023