Finding work is a process that takes time and preparation.

24 02, 2023

The world needs you!

By |2023-02-24T13:46:11+13:00February 24th, 2023|Finding Work|0 Comments

We all know there are a lot of problems in the world that need fixing, so there will be plenty of opportunities to make things better. People who are open to change with fresh ideas, and who are motivated to contribute, will always be required. As the world continues to change, businesses and organizations will [...]

16 11, 2022

Work, careers and the climate challenge

By |2022-11-17T08:01:09+13:00November 16th, 2022|Finding Work|0 Comments

The despairing news from COP27 leaders followed by the delight of the Black Fern's win in the same week had me thinking about how we balance these dichotomies without getting distracted from the task at hand. When researching material for a CATE (Careers and Transition in Education) conference presentation later this month, I came upon [...]

24 07, 2020

The bridge to an unknown future

By |2020-07-30T08:06:04+12:00July 24th, 2020|Finding Work|1 Comment

The old ways of doing business or being in a career have changed and we are stepping into unknown territory where the future is unclear. Once upon a time, we could imagine a future because there was some predictability; one thing led to another and we could predict what comes next.

25 02, 2020

Never assume an internal interview will go your way

By |2020-02-27T17:22:20+13:00February 25th, 2020|Finding Work|1 Comment

Assuming that you will be successful in an internal interview when you know the people interviewing you can be a real mistake. You think they know that you understand the organisation and you have a record of delivering good performance - but this assumption is a real mistake. Treat every interview regardless of whether an internal or an external one with the respect deserving of thorough preparation.

27 03, 2019

Thinking of taking voluntary redundancy?

By |2019-04-01T08:48:14+13:00March 27th, 2019|Finding Work|0 Comments

Recently we heard that Vodafone is offering staff voluntary redundancy. Most people who take voluntary redundancy have already decided that they are “ready for a move”. There are as many reasons as there are individuals presented with the opportunity for this thinking. My question always is, have they done sufficient self-evaluation and job market analysis? [...]

6 07, 2017

Every morning I ask myself ‘How can I help?’

By |2018-11-20T20:33:46+13:00July 6th, 2017|Career management, Finding Work, Personal - career development|0 Comments

So said Katy Perry when she was interviewed by Toni Street on Seven Sharp earlier this week. Not being a fan, I didn’t understand or know about Perry’s philanthropic and altruistic leanings. It’s interesting because I’m noticing an incoming king tide of young people like her with similar aspirations. If you haven’t already noticed, there is [...]


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