25 10, 2016

Entrepreneurship – an essential career management skill

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Today’s work environment requires a degree of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has a wide-ranging definition and application. It is very closely aligned to the word “protean” which comes from the Mythical Greek Sea God “Proteus,” who was known for predicting and foretelling the future and his versatility and adaptability to acclimatise himself to successfully meet and thrive in the future he envisioned.

14 06, 2016

A career decision? Look for congruence

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Congruence (symbol: ≅) is the state achieved by coming together, the state of agreement. (Wikipedia). Career decisions are more likely to lead to success when they are congruent with who we are and the context of our lives. That is, aligned, or in agreement with the aspects that make us unique; our personal circumstances, individual [...]

21 05, 2016

Finding a constructive way out.

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It takes a certain amount of confidence, conscious thought and planning to exit constructively from work that you are no longer enjoying. Changing jobs—and especially changing careers—is a delicate process. When you notice that you are disillusioned and somewhat disengaged at work its time to question why you should stay. If this state of mind [...]

5 05, 2016

New job?  Know what you are getting into. 

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Recently several people have told the story of moving into a new and ‘exciting’ job, only to soon find themselves feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. They found themselves swamped in a role for which they were ill- prepared and had no support. In each case the context was a workplace in a state of flux, restructuring and with [...]


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