voluntary redundancyRecently we heard that Vodafone is offering staff voluntary redundancy. Most people who take voluntary redundancy have already decided that they are “ready for a move”. There are as many reasons as there are individuals presented with the opportunity for this thinking. My question always is, have they done sufficient self-evaluation and job market analysis?

Good reasons for accepting voluntary redundancy would be: –

Length of tenure: It’s time for you to step out of the known, to find new pastures offering new learnings, new systems and people to work with, and new career opportunities that are no longer present.

Personal reasons: perhaps family commitments need to change, or health and wellness require more attention or the opportunity for retirement or downsizing is welcomed.

Stagnant career growth: for various reasons you may have felt that within the organisation your scope to expand your career was limited or you had maximised internal opportunities or applied for roles you wanted and been declined.

Change of career: the circumstances of voluntary redundancy can sometimes provide you with an opportunity to take up part-time study toward a career you have long desired. Or the specialist work you have been doing can be intensified in another industry or environment where your specialisation has more value.

For whatever reason voluntary redundancy is attractive to you, make sure you carefully consider the options and make the decision for the right reasons. Negotiating or accepting the voluntary redundancy offer needs to be carefully weighed up. Working with a career coach is the ideal way to explore your thinking, check out your career strategy and “best fit” roles.

Kaye Avery FMCDANZ, Member HRINZ
Principal Consultant