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CareerEQ Specialists know about careers and career management. We support, coach and counsel individuals and the employees of the organisations who use our services to make holistic, validated career decisions; to be more aligned and successful in their fields of work and to successfully navigate the job market. Our point of difference is that we believe that our holistic approach to coaching delivers the best outcomes for the people we work with. Coupled with that, all our consultants are highly trained and experienced in career development and coaching people to better manage workplace challenges and opportunities.

Our career specialists are based in Auckland, Whangarei, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Their experience is extensive, covering career counselling, personal and professional development, career management coaching, job search support, HR and organisational change consulting.  All CareerEQ consultants are members of a professional body, CDANZ (The Career Development Association of New Zealand) or HRINZ. This ensures we follow a clearly defined Codes of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice. CDANZ Code of Ethics and HRINZ Code of Practice .

Select a coach in your location and click on ‘More’ to read about their expertise. On the coach’s page you can email them directly to discuss your situation and make an appointment.

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Suzanne Perrin
Suzanne PerrinPMCDANZ
Careers Consultant and workshop facilitator; key expertise in career decision-making and understanding ‘best fit’ next career role, redundancy support, CV writing, job search, interview coaching and workshop delivery.
Robyn Bailey
Robyn BaileyPMCDANZ
Careers Consultant and professional supervisor; key expertise in transition and redundancy support, professional supervision, designing and facilitating training groups in career development and supervision.
John Butters
John ButtersHRINZ
HR Consultant, Leadership Development Coach: key expertise in organisational development, change management, senior-level redundancy support, performance development coaching and employment relations.


Pat Cody
Career consultant, redundancy support, transition and professional development coaching.


Claire Oehley
Claire OehleyAMCDANZ
Career Consultant, Career Development Specialist, Outplacement and Transition Support


Lis Whyte
Careers Consultant and workshop facilitator; key expertise in strategic career management, redundancy support, workplace well-being, and resilience.


Michelle Staples
Michelle StaplesHRINZ, PMCDANZ
Careers and People Development Consultant, specialising in career coaching, career transition, training and facilitation.


Jude Mackwell
Jude MackwellHRINZ
Career, Organisation and Change Consultant Jude draws on extensive corporate and private enterprise experience to provide insightful training and coaching.


Johanna Budai
Johanna BudaiPMCDANZ
Careers Consultant; Key expertise in career coaching and counselling, facilitating career development, managing change and building resilience workshops.
Kaye Avery
Kaye AveryFMCDANZ and Member of HRINZ
Principal Consultant, People Development, Career Management Specialist and workshop facilitator; key expertise in career and professional development, senior-level redundancy support, performance development coaching, and supervision for professionals and senior managers.

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CareerEQ works with a wider network of career practitioners and psychologists. This enables us to resource large change projects when necessary and refer clients to the consultant with the best background for that client. To us, qualifications, professionalism and experience matters.  Our trusted network of experts are experienced across all sectors; business, corporate, education, rehabilitation, medicine and psychology. Email us for more information explaining the situation you would like help with.

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