high achieverOne thing the Western world is very good at is making comparisons.  We grow up being compared – within the family, in class, at University and when competing for business.  We grow up believing we are being compared. People who are keen to get ahead strive to be compared favourably.

As a result of other peoples judgement and our own, many a successful high achiever goes through a stage of worrying about being ‘found out’ and not deserving the position they hold or the status at which they are operating.

They tend to be perfectionistic, always striving to be the best they can be. But underlying this drive is often a deep sense of self doubt and those  old feelings of “never being good enough”. Although this is common, ultimately it’s not a healthy state. The good news is that it is something we can grow through once we realise the imposter syndrome simply isn’t helpful.

This Forbes article offers 4 great pieces of advice for the high achiever.

Kaye Avery

June 2016