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29 05, 2016

Career opportunities balance challenge and skills

By |2018-11-20T20:12:10+12:00May 29th, 2016|Career management, Personal - career development|0 Comments

Think of a significant career achievement. What skills did it draw from you? What helped you to achieve the objective? This level of detail and self awareness is valuable in determining your career development and potential. Many people describe career highlights as being times when they were challenged, often really stretched. They gained a greater sense of their own competence and a sense [...]

21 05, 2016

Finding a constructive way out.

By |2017-10-05T14:47:19+12:00May 21st, 2016|Career management, Personal - career development, Transition/outplacement|0 Comments

It takes a certain amount of confidence, conscious thought and planning to exit constructively from work that you are no longer enjoying. Changing jobs—and especially changing careers—is a delicate process. When you notice that you are disillusioned and somewhat disengaged at work its time to question why you should stay. If this state of mind [...]

5 05, 2016

New job?  Know what you are getting into. 

By |2017-10-05T14:47:45+12:00May 5th, 2016|Finding Work, Transition/outplacement|0 Comments

Recently several people have told the story of moving into a new and ‘exciting’ job, only to soon find themselves feeling overwhelmed and disappointed. They found themselves swamped in a role for which they were ill- prepared and had no support. In each case the context was a workplace in a state of flux, restructuring and with [...]

6 08, 2015

Competencies for a New World

By |2017-03-27T17:10:09+12:00August 6th, 2015|Finding Work|1 Comment

NZ Herald – Jan 2012 The nature of work will have changed forever within the next 10 years according to many researchers and commentators. Our world is changing dramatically as aging and expanding (and contracting) populations and consumerism put major stresses on our ecosystems. The current system of economics with growth as its aim is at [...]

6 08, 2015

Creating Work – when there is less around

By |2017-03-27T17:10:09+12:00August 6th, 2015|Finding Work, Personal - career development|0 Comments

New Zealand Herald – Editorial – Careers Section 25th July 2012 Many people working in small business, self-employment, part-time work and contracting are experiencing quiet times with reduced work opportunities. Seasonal fluctuations in business are an on-going reality but this is exaggerated, currently, in the super-cautious market following the recession. The situation is further compounded [...]